Oops anal 2

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3 years ago
The shocker? So many of those porn guys are insensitive cunts, lol. It sprung out and smacked her little hole like a spring loaded stick, lol. Guys should be willing to take one up the ass in body size proportion to the girls ass they want to fuck before they go telling her 'it won't hurt, cummon baby let me in!' lol
3 years ago
Ive had that happen by accident and let me tell ya, if a dude ever tries to "sneak" it in, id wait til he was sleeping and rape him with a fucking splintered wooden stick. cunts
Omg 3 years ago
I came to beat my dick not watch a well edited video... This was good edit
jason 5 years ago
What's grirs name on #4 and 6???
Elon musk 3 years ago
Am i the only one who thought the 1:43 chat was soo cute
3 years ago
0:36 what name this girl please.
Nope 3 years ago
I know this was serious but god dam I can’t stop laughing
Ella 3 years ago
Odeio anal
matt 3 years ago
what is "that's my ass bitch" girls name
name 5 years ago
what is 1st girls name?/