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bruh 2 years ago
this nigga really drilling her shit with no emotion lol
LOL 2 years ago
Yo this dude has some mad cardio. Gotta give him props I would've been gassed
Man 2 years ago
This nigga steady hitting the woah
Boi 2 years ago
i swear this is kemba walker
2 years ago
This nigga look bored as fuck like show some emotion it’s like he fucking his granny or something
DairySoyMilk 2 years ago
When he hit the woah xD
Siloh 2 years ago
Nasir always be digging that ass. Dont want no racist people in these comments what this go viral.
timestamps 2 years ago
this nigga has no expression, just no good,,, please do not post this machine again....
Really? 2 years ago
She really wasn’t even enjoying it... wonder how much they paid her ???
Ehh 2 years ago
Stop fucking this bitch now she boring